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Sounding Authentic 2018

Saturday 19 - Saturday 26 May

sold out  for 2018


           9 places available for artists from any disciplinary background.


          Cost £525 inc. tuition & accommodation

Sounding Authentic is a week-long residential workshop on the island of Lismore.  The workshop is co-led by Kath and Mairi Campbell and unites Kath’s Authentic Artist process with Mairi’s facilitation of voice, sound, music and song.  During the week there are group exercises and experiences as well as opportunities for individual work based on each artist’s precise intention.


Participants described Mairi’s facilitation as:  ‘generous’ ‘holistic’ ‘perceptive’ ‘sensitive’ ‘engaged and relaxed and non-hierarchical and authoritative at the same time.’ ‘She was very much listening to the artist's need and supporting the work in a subtle way.’


Kath’s facilitation was described as: ‘hugely skilled’ ‘sensitive and compassionate’ ‘very perceptive, caring and spot-on, in terms of directing us to break-throughs.’ ‘She was always bringing back the focus to the work, helping to channel the energy and getting things done.’


Sounding Authentic is open to applications from previous Authentic Artist workshop graduates or participants from Mairi’s music/improv retreats.


Previous participants said:


'Sounding Authentic is a safe space for artists to explore whatever feels vital in their artistry at that time. Whether that's being witnessed and held, prompted and challenged, or fully facilitated in all capacities. A natural cross-pollination occurs by sharing this experience with nine other artists from diverse mediums.'


‘Sounding Authentic is an incredible experience.

If you want to push into parts of yourself and your artistry that are fugitive, it is the course for you! Come prepared to be stretched and tickled and delighted and transported.’


‘The combination of being immersed in nature, in a well-held space with good allies are the ingredients for your alchemy. Participants brought respect and care for each other’s work and development.’


‘It has been a life changing experience for me and it opened new artistic avenues that I can't wait to explore!!’

Lismore 1 Sounding Authentic 2 Sounding Authentic multi-disciplinary