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Authentic Artist Workshops are usually three-day journeys for 6 creative artists seeking reinvention, exploration, new challenges, or for those developing new work. They offer a space to explore, play, find your next 'edge' and connect with others in a safe environment.


Each individual’s journey through the workshop is unique, as is each group.  Whether you are a poet, musician, actor, dancer, painter, set designer, puppeteer, writer, multi-disciplinary artist or a person who is yet to find your artistic identity, Kath will devote herself to serving you and your artistry.


Upon completing a workshop, you may be invited (at no extra cost) to become a member of the Authentic Artist Collective, to join the private Facebook group and to attend Asylums. These offer opportunities to stay connected with the wider community and to continue to nourish and develop your practice.


'Kath has a precision of perception that allows her to see the essence of individuals' gifts.  Her inordinate open-heartedness and empathy for human complexity and feeling makes her particularly available to students and audiences as a facilitator and performing artist.' Paul Oertel


3-day non-residential workshops run 10am to 6pm   Cost = Sliding scale - earnings dependent. For 3-day workshop:

£30k+ £350, £20-30k £300,  £10-20K £250, up to £10k by negotiation. Returning participants will receive a 10% discount.  

If residential, accommodation & food costs are extra and venue-specific. Kath also offers 1-to-1 and small group facilitation by arrangement.

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Authentic Artist Workshops 2021


The first online 'AA' workshop took place November 2-6 and surpassed expectations. So we  from January 11-15 we held another!


An in-person Authentic Artist workshop will take place in Macclesfield in July.


More updates to follow soon!