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The Authentic Artist Collective the network for those who have participated in an Authentic Artist Workshop and the  production company for the new work it creates.


After taking a workshop, there are opportunities to remain connected with other participants and the wider community.


There is a private Authentic Artist Facebook page (separate from the general Authentic Artist Collective page) where people post links, photographs, ask questions, discuss artistic issues etc.  This is a great resource and well used by the community.


There are also monthly Asylums in London & Edinburgh, where 'AA's come to share their current work or practices and connect with the community as sharers or witnesses.


Within the wider Collective, much artistic collaboration has occurred and continues to occur. The Collective has members in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the US, France, Denmark and Finland.







Asylum Dates 2017:

January 21 Edinburgh

February 5 London

February 19 Edinburgh

March 5 London

March 18 Edinburgh

April 2 London

April 16 Edinburgh

May 7 London

May 20 Edinburgh

June 4 London

June 18 Edinburgh

July 2 London

July 15 Edinburgh

August 20 Edinburgh

               September 3 London

September 16 Edinburgh

                     October 1 London

October 22 Edinburgh

                November 5 London

November 18 Edinburgh

             * December 3 London

December 17 Edinburgh

                      January 7 London


* AAA December 3 will be followed by the 'AA is 50' Birthday Party at the fh Space in Forest Hill

Authentic Artist Alumni include:

ACTORS:  Sue Appleby, Lewis Barfoot, Eleanor Buchan, Sioned Jones, Ellis Kerkhoven, Henry McGrath, Kate Maravan, Michele Moran,  Judith Williams, Sarah-Louise Young, Jamie Zubairi

POETS: Natacha Bryan, Rachel McCrum, Rachel Amey, Em Strang

VISUAL ARTISTS: Alice Fernbank, Tamsin Haggis, Juliette Jeanclaude, Iddo Oberski

MUSICIANS: Neyire Ashworth, Mark Aspinall, Mairi Campbell, Amy Duncan, Karine Polwart, Josh Flowers, Gwyneth Herbert, Conor Mitchell

STORYTELLERS: Alice Fernbank, David Francis, Lea Taylor, David Campbell, Rachel Rose Reid

DANCERS/CHOREOGRAPHERS: Mina Aidoo, Ita O'Brien, Peter Groom, Vincent Manna, Skye Reynolds

WRITERS:  Diane Samuels, Danny Scheinmann, Rachel Connor, Skye Loneragan

DESIGNERS: Ellan Parry

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Images by Tamsin Haggis